The peace of mind that comes from accessible healthcare for all.

PanZoe, Greek for Universal Life, was founded on this basic principle.

The PanZoe Foundation was founded in 2013, by Dr. Dino William Ramzi, dedicated to changing the face of healthcare by becoming a part of the direct primary care movement. We aim to improve the lives and health of vulnerable community members by improving access to much-needed primary care services that they so desperately require.

PanZoe’s first endeavor is a Direct Primary Care project in Clark County, Washington, which debuted in 2014. Helping our neighbors access basic primary care is imperative to building a strong future for our state. The basis of this philosophy is true for all communities nationwide, and can revolutionize the way we view our healthcare. Join us in bringing our communities one step closer to a healthy future.


Why Primary Care?

Primary care is the front line of health care, and for this reason, it has the biggest impact on a community and its well-being. Primary care teams are who we depend on for our children’s health and immunizations; preventive services, counseling, chronic disease management, as well as first line treatment for injuries and frequent illnesses.

PanZoe is here to assist individuals who have hit hard times access the most basic, fundamental care: primary care.

Primary care should be easy, accessible, with little or no red tape, yet, our current health system has made it difficult for community members to access the care they require. When health insurance companies control the payment of health services, the physician-patient relationship is compromised. Factor in large patient panels, and the care and time offered to each patient is reduced considerably. It’s time for everyone to better manage their health and well-being.

Direct Primary Care: the new face of accessible healthcare for all

A simple monthly fee for efficient and quality primary care, eliminating any fee-for-service charges. A more enduring and empowering doctor-patient relationship, focusing on long-term well-being. Cost-effectiveness, reducing overhead substantially, leading to efficient and quality care at a reduced cost that anyone can access, even if they do not have insurance. Direct primary care is an innovative model revolutionizing our health care system.

Quality healthcare. Empowered patients.

Direct primary care is not insurance, and will not cover secondary and specialized levels of healthcare. However, with the proper resources, PanZoe hopes to purchase insurance for low income individuals to assist them in obtaining consistent care. With the help of its friends and supporters, PanZoe can become an advocate to aid them in navigating the system.

PanZoe will be establishing partnerships with motivated health professionals ready to revolutionize the health system, preferring to deliver their services through DPC financing. In doing so, we will be creating a network of providers that will connect their patients to available resources for discounted and free additional services.