The PanZoe Foundation is here to positively impact the lives of the members of our community, by improving access to vital primary care services. We depend on our supporters’ generosity to achieve this. Help us spread the word. Joining our community aids us in creating a solid and established foundation that will give us the momentum we need to create further financial backing. Our fundraising efforts are focused directly through the web and social media, along with local social service, state and national granting agencies. Together, we can forge a new path towards well-being for all, regardless of income, insurance, or when they have hit difficult times. These factors shouldn’t be considered when dealing with the fragility of human health.

Together, we can forge a new path towards well-being for all.

A $50 donation can help the most vulnerable individuals of our community access primary care services for one month. Join us in offering them and their children the peace of mind that their basic health care needs are finally being met:

  • Children’s health and immunizations
  • Preventive services
  • Counseling
  • Chronic disease management
  • First line treatment for injuries and frequent illnesses.

Your generous donation is tax deductible, as PanZoe has qualified for full 501c3 status.

Here at PanZoe, it’s important to us that the right people are getting the care they deserve. To ensure the providers receiving the money are reaching out to the correct individuals, PanZoe will be tracking demographic information, number and types of patient contacts, basic diagnoses to better determine basic needs, medications, referrals, as well as quality measures.

The PanZoe network is determined to come to the aid of most in need in the most trusting and efficient manner possible.

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