Free Clinic – Camas and Washougal

Free Clinic

Dr. Dino Ramzi, a family medicine physician at Lacamas Medical Group, is spearheading an effort to open a new, free clinic for Camas and Washougal residents.

The new integrated care clinic, 360 Care, will offer primary care, behavioral health services, and life coaching.

Dr. Ramzi envisions the center as one where community members could access a continuity of care, regardless if they are uninsured or with large insurance deductibles.

Join Dr. Ramzi and supporters to learn more about 360 Care at an upcoming community meeting. It will be held on March 24th, 6:30pm at the Washougal Community Center.

PanZoe’s Primary Beneficiaries

Perhaps one of the key questions about PanZoe is how we assess which patients are best-suited for our services.  Although it could be argued that DPC works for everyone regardless of circumstance, PanZoe’s mission is to provide care to those underserved by our healthcare system.  Our three main targets are the elderly, the uninsured, and the working poor.

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Why is DPC Important

Anyone who has ever been to the ER or had an extended stay in the hospital can personally understand the need for cost ­effective medicine. Even with high­quality insurance, the financial impact on the average person can be absolutely devastating. With these challenges in funding life­saving situations, why would a doctor with decades of experience in medicine found a nonprofit dedicated to defraying the cost of primary care? Surely annual flu shots and treating occasional sniffles are not worthy endeavors when compared to surgeries and hospitalizations, right? Think again. Continue Reading

What’s in a Name?

“What’s in a name? That which we call a rose

By any other name would smell as sweet.”

By: Jillian Walsh

Although these immortal lines from Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet serve as an important reminder to put aside prejudices, Juliet is ignoring that names still carry great significance.   It seems to be a primary role as a human being to name or rename, ascribing meaning as we go.  Couples expecting a baby take time to consider the perfect name for their child.  Whether they are striving for a way to honor a person important to them, or looking for originality, or choosing a name because of its timelessness, these matters are not taken lightly.  This is also true in the world of business, where nomenclature becomes a brand, a guarantee, or a household name.

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Important Notice

It has been brought to our attention that a fraudulent advertisement has been posted, offering employment in Panzoë’s name, in addition to requesting payment. Please be advised that this is incorrect and a fraudulent message.

Panzoë will never ask for financial information based on employment, nor are we hiring at the moment.

We apologize for the inconvenience this has caused. Please rest assured that security is constantly maintained on all Panzoë sites, and we kindly ask that you exercise caution when using third party sites.

If you require any additional information or have any concerns, kindly complete our contact form with a phone number and it will be our pleasure to contact you to answer your questions.

Direct Primary Care and the Working Poor

Working Poor

Working Poor

One of the easiest vulnerabilities to spot in healthcare after the Accountable care Act are those individuals who simply cannot afford their deductibles. The insurance mandate in Obamacare leads those who work low wage jobs without benefits to buy the cheapest policies.

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Panzoe’s New Website

We are thrilled to introduce Panzoe’s new website! Get to know us, follow our activities and news and most importantly, join us in assisting local communities access the fundamental healthcare they require.
Visit us at


The following article was published April 2, 2014 as a guest editorial in the Oregonian and can be found on Oregon Live here. Today, we can say the North American measles epidemic is in full swing. We are just waiting for the body count, a comment the Oregonian in their wisdom elected to remove from my submitted draft. 
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